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About Us...
The Staff at the British Raj have all been involved in the restaurant business for many years and are very professional. When visiting the British Raj you couldn't be greeted by a more friendly and courteous team!
Pictured above from left to right you have Abu, Sayeed, Sam (manager), Dedee, Raj and Hussain. These are the guys that will cater for your ultimate curry experience!

Also pictured above is our team of Chefs. From left to right you have Jack, Bul-Bul, Mama Josh, Jimmy and Rafi.
Like all good restaurants success is not possible without a dedicated team of Chefs. All the Chefs at the British Raj have also been involved in their professions for many years and are fully experienced in bringing you not only the delights of the many traditional dishes from India and Bangladesh, but also some of the exciting more modern flavours that have been developed from Asia and around the world. Take a look at our Menu. All of these mouth-watering dishes are full of flavour, prepared using only fresh ingredients and can be adjusted to the exact strength you require.

The outstanding excellence and quality from these guys have earned many awards and certificates for the British Raj. Below are some of the most recent awards...

The British Raj Indian Cuisine restaurant are also sponsors for two local football teams both residing in the Kent Suburban Football League. One of the teams are The Cray Harriers, their home ground is situated at the Northumberland Heath Recreation Ground, Sussex Road, Northumberland Heath, Kent.
More info - http://www.crayharriers.co.uk

The other team the British Raj sponsor are the Benchmark Arrows Football Team.

For more information about the Kent Suburban Football league, visit http://full-time.thefa.com